The Milwaukee Psychedelic Society would like to welcome you to attend our monthly meeting.

We are a growing community, interested in bringing the latest information coming out of the academic environment to a group based forum.

We aim to foster an open and honest discussion about responsible use, education, legalization, community outreach, and finally, a space where our common experiences can be discussed without retribution.

Our group is open to all, to participate or just listen.

The Milwaukee Psychedelic Society is a drug free zone. We don’t allow the use of controlled substances during our meetings and we expect that the people who attend our meetings won’t be carrying, using, or attempting to acquire or distribute them.

Our Mission

As the Milwaukee Psychedelic society we aim to serve as a local lighthouse for those seeking information about psychedelic healing and integration as well as community. We joined the 'third wave' of the psychedelic movement to encourage discussion by hosting monthly meetings open to all. As a beacon of hope, we share important research data and best harm reduction practices to support a future that normalizes various methods of seeking well being on personal and collective levels.